Anonymous asked:

Do you have pictures of Younha with long hair I can make my phone back ground?

It really depends on what kind of phone you have and how big your screen is, but you can pick almost any photo and crop it to fit the way you need it to fit.

Younha has taken quite a few photos of herself recently (presumably from her iPhone). Those photos (included under the “Read More”) would most likely fit your screen very well, even if you don’t have an iPhone. 

Other than those, you can just go through my recent posts and find other photos you might like. On many of my posts, such as when I post photos from a concert, you can click “Source” in the upper right corner to view more images than just the ones I posted. I always make sure to specify in my posts whether or not there are more photos at the source.

I hope this helped! And remember to click “Read More” to see the specific images I mentioned!




140813 Twitter - [@younhaholic]: “심한 뒷북으로, 셀카 어플이 있다는 것에 감사…”

140813 Twitter - [@younhaholic]: “촬영중에 먹은 밥버거가 생각나 감사…. (햄참치밥버거…)”  “Thanks for reminding me of eating rice patties during recording…. (Ham tuna rice patty…)”
^^^^^(I highly recommend this one haha)^^^^^